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Royal Sidr Honey


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  • Cures excess acidity and digestive disorders
  • Helps treat stomach ulcers as it covers the inner wall of the stomach.
  • Contains prostaglandins which are very effective in stimulating mucus secretion for the inner surface of the stomach, strengthensthe heart muscle and controls cholesterol levels.
  • Is used after surgery in the healingprocessdue to its high ability to control blood clotting when bleeding and prevents the formation of clotting factors in blood vessels.
  • Boosts memory and improves mental activity and concentration.
  • Is very useful for lung diseases and reduces coughing.
  • Increases bone density and helps in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus deposition in the bones.
  • Increases hemoglobin levels in the blood and helps increasing the red blood cells.
  • Boosts the nervous system and protects against peripheral nerve disorders.
  • Treats chronic gastroesophageal reflux disorder.
  • Protects the liver against hepatitis and cancer, and it is used to treat liver disease and viruses.

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