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Sidr Arbutus Pavarii Honey


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  • Curing or reducing the symptoms associated with diabetes by lowering blood sugar levelsas it contains fructose that does not require insulin to burn, because it contains insulin-like substances that control blood sugar.
  • Improving the visual acuity and getting rid of problems such as night blindness, corneal infections, conjunctivitis, eyelid infections and chronic keratitis because it contains vitamin B2 and vitamin A.
  • Treats and protectsagainst skin diseases and problems; because it contains vitamin B3 and vitamin E, such as eczema, impetigo, psoriasis and dimples.
  • Prevent against live pancreas disorders and malignant anemia; as it contains high levels of folic acid.
  • Treats mouth problems such as gum and tongue infections, tooth decay, and chapped lips.
  • It curesthe heart diseases and strengthens the heart muscle; it contains glucose that is health for the heart muscle.
  • It is a great remedy for headaches and neuritis epidemic because it contains vitamin A.

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